The revenge of the glass for the shower box

Oct 22, 2019

Until not long ago, whoever was willing to conceive his new bathroom did not dwell on the characteristics of the glass in the shower box.

The market has always offered convenient shower stalls with standard models and this situation has always gone well for buyers.

For some time the trend has changed; the conception of the shower has changed, from a “necessary” object it has become a corner where you can relax and chase away the anxieties gathered during the day.

Today we can say that those who have to design their own bathroom do not limit themselves to obtaining a small space for the shower, but more often than not the shower becomes the protagonist element and then goes on to design the rest of the environment.

The main types of glass for shower enclosures

There are many models of shower cubicle glass on the market, with different shapes and sizes.

The choice is so vast that often the confusion is impossible of our thinking and magically we find ourselves sitting there contemplating the beauty of all the hundred models we have seen without knowing which to choose.

To get to the right product, we at Tf Vetritalia srl want to help you understand which glass is best suited to your needs and your personal taste.

Is the color, shape, quality and thickness of an object not the most important aspects considered to be considered?Well, I would say start here: the classification of glass for shower enclosures.

Type1: TRANSPARENT shower enclosure glass

The clear glasses for the shower cubicles are the simplest and generally they are also the least expensive, their main advantage is that of far filtering the light and therefore in small bathrooms they give a feeling of depth and space.

They are often used for showers with a particular wall covering or design just to dare highlight the tiles.

The only defect of the shower enclosure with transparent glass is the greater request for cleaning.

Type2: The glass for SATIN shower box

Satin glasses are very beautiful aesthetically and are generally preferred by those who love their privacy.

The frosted glass for the shower enclosure gives us the possibility to choose between two proposals:

  • Satin with orange peel;
  • Smooth satin finish.

Satin glass for a smooth shower is what is preferred in terms of elegance, but orange-peel glass is less expensive.

The difference between the two is the plot: the first as a nut the name will have a smooth surface, the second will have a surface similar to orange peel.

Type3: FUMÉ shower enclosure glass

Smoked glass is undoubtedly the most design version. Its dark gray color was widely used in past years. Today, we find at the center of the attention of those who restructure the bathroom and want to dare a touch of style.

Type4: SERIGRAPHED shower enclosure glass

The screen-printed glasses are characterized by colored bands in the central portion of the glass and generally placed horizontally.

The quality and thickness of the glass go hand in hand: based on the thickness of millimeters, the weight of the glass, the quality and consequently the cost also increase.

The standard thicknesses that can be found on the market are:

  •  4mm is the thinnest then the least expensive and low end.
  • 6mm is the medium range and the cost is limited.
  • 8mm is high end.
  • 10mm is the top range with a higher cost.

Type5: TEMPERED glass for shower enclosure

Tempered glass is the most used and loved material for shower enclosures and we at Tf Vetritalia srl are specialists in its production.

The thicknesses that are most used for this type are: 3-4-6 and 8 mm.

From a hygienic point of view, the tempered glass shower cabin glass is very easy to clean, from an aesthetic point of view it does not yellow or deform.As a last feature, but not least we have the tempered glass finish.

The modern shower cabins prefer a glossy finish, while not too long ago the satin finish was preferred.

We at Tf Vetritalia srl have our success at the decades of experience we have behind us in glass processing.

One of our leading sectors is bathroom furniture, as we produce flat or curved tempered glass solutions for shower cabins, multi-function boxes and saunas.

Regarding the glass of the shower enclosure, we at Tf Vetritalia srl dedicate an ad hoc production tailored to any type and requirement[:]