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TF Vetritalia Srl was founded in 2011 by the collaboration of two leading glass companies in the Pesaro area: TF Vetreria srl ​​and Vetritalia Industriale srl.

Initially, TF Vetreria srl ​​operated mainly as a subcontractor for the subsidiary Vetritalia Industriale srl, the latter specialized in glass processing: curved and flat tempering and curved and flat lamination.

As a result of the merger between the two companies, TF Vetritalia Srl immediately began to grow and expand in various product sectors, gaining the role of an appreciated player overall in the world of industrial refrigeration.

Within a few years, Vetritalia Industriale srl conquered a strong presence in Europe and outside Europe, due to the  professionalism of its skilled staff and the significant investments it made in equipment for glass tempering and lamination.


The company has managed to create and maintain a relationship of trust with its customers. The success achieved has consolidated over time and finds reason in the strengths of its business model, devoted to customized production and to the speed of order fulfillment.

Creating value through attention to quality is the decisive competitive factor. In particular, the value created is based on the professionalism of the workers attentive to the quality of production and timing, on the work of the design office which collaborates with the customer in the feasibility study of new projects and on the speed of order fulfillment even in small lots.

The combination of these strengths determines the mix of success that our customers expect to experience.



We provide curved tempered glass for the major groups in the industrial refrigeration, both Italian and European, collaborating in the production of display cases, ice-cream cases and refrigeration units.

Bathroom furniture

In the bathroom industry, we supply flat, curved and tempered glass, for walls and floors of showers and multifunctional shower cabinets. Besides, we devote to some shower manufacturers a tailored production of glass panels, tempered or not, flat and curved.

Furnishings and stoves

We manufacture structural architectural elements for wall partitions, doors, staircases e balusters; and, in addition, parts of range cooker hoods, stoves etc.


We supply tailored glass panels for balusters, interior furnishings and portholes.