Glass manufacturing and processing company

TFVetritalia Group is a Company specialized in the manufacture of glass for refrigeration market, interior furnishings, shipbuilding, stairs, floors, partitions and more.

Our success stems from decades of experience in the glass sector and a professional approach which ensures our customers receive a quick response and flexible and consistent service.

TFVetritalia uses a horizontal method for the bending and tempering of glass.

This horizontal process results in superior optical quality and aesthetics, including an absence of marks and imperfections associated with vertical tempering. In addition to doing cylindrical bending with a constant radius, our facilities are also capable of carrying out alternative shaping processes including bending with a variable radius or double radius, s-shaped bending and spherical, concave or convex bending.

We have the capacity to execute industrialized production in exceptionally fast times, including deliveries made within 72 to 96 hours.

This has allowed us to carve out a place in the glass sector and compete on the international market in terms of product quality, manufacturing range, logistics and communication ability.

We understand that being internationally competitive means more than just having the production capability. It also means having listening skills and a rapport and relationship with target markets that are diverse in terms culture, language, approach and use patterns.

Our glass manufacturing company has extensive experience in glass processing and a skilled workforce that applies quality craftsmanship at the industrial level.

These factors have allowed Vetritalia to create and specialize in customized solutions and unique projects.

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