Our creations

Cold Industry, Hot Industry, Bathroom Furniture, Construction and Furniture


Cold industry

TFVetritalia’s curved glasses are made completely to measure, and are particularly suited to the demands of commercial refrigeration: curved glasses and tops for self-service restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, passing through delicatessen shops to get to custom showcases for wine shops, bars and showcases for refrigerated display cabinets.


Home appliance market

TF Vetritalia produces glasses for tempered, silk-screen printed, enamelled, lacquered and custom-made appliances for extractor hoods and oven doors and stoves.

The implemented processes, the screen printing process and the heat treatments return a final result characterized by high mechanical resistance and aesthetic quality.


Bathroom furniture

Delicate imperceptible lines and exclusive shapes for furniture are some of the added values of TF Vetritalia’s flat and curved glass for bathroom furniture, made for designers and leading companies in the market. Our production also offers unique solutions for tubs, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor saunas.


Constructions and Furnitures

Tempered glass is used in construction in all those applications where high levels of active and passive safety are required and where the glass is required to withstand thermal stress , while it is not suitable as a safety glass against falls.

The laminated glass , on the other hand, is widely used in all building and furnishing applications due to its advantages in terms of safety and adaptability to all environments.