Divide office spaces with the new Covid-19 anti-contagion glass partitions

Mar 4, 2021

This pandemic has changed the way we live and work and, today more than ever, the division of spaces has become necessary and important.
Barriers, screens, walls and dividing panels are now part of everyday reality to ensure social and interpersonal distancing against the spread of COVID-19.
After the first lock-down, with the return to a more “normal” lifestyle, the need has emerged to make the coexistence in the offices safe again, without totally upsetting the working environment.
To ensure distancing and create a safe working environment for customers and their employees many companies, more or less sized, belonging to both the public and private sectors, have started purchasing panels and partitions.

The return of employees to the office

In many work situations, not all employees have returned to work in the office at full capacity: smart working from home is in fact very widespread today, and even the adoption of flexible hours helps to keep office crowding under control; however, both cannot represent long-term sustainable and therefore definitive solutions.
Then, here are glass panels that act as an ‘invisible’ barrier against the spread of COVID-19, a solution that is easy to install and with a beautiful aesthetic impact.

Protective shield against the spread of the virus: that’s why choosing glass as a material

Although for many non-experts in the sector, glass represents a more suitable choice for closed and prestigious spaces, due to its fragility and its high aesthetic value, in reality glass it is incredibly versatile and usable in various contexts, not too ‘delicate’ if fixed to an adequate support.

To learn more about the subject, read this article on the strengths and uses of glass.

Tempered or tempered glass is safe for people, is used by virtue of all those characteristics and properties that make it suitable for both closed and open spaces, has a greater permeability to light than any other usable material, and is capable of making the space larger and more refined by improving its overall perception.
Precisely by virtue of its strengths, in this particular historical moment, glass is favored by a certain market for the production of partitions that together give safety from contagion, hygiene and acoustic privacy.

The glass partition panels of TF VETRITALIA

Tf Vetritalia manufactures glass for interior and exterior architecture and is also committed to providing customized and safe solutions, to help fight the spread of the virus in the workplace.
We are available, due to the current pandemic emergency, to offer glass solutions suitable to protect people from the risk of contagion: such as 4 mm tempered glass that can be positioned vertically on a worktop or 6 mm glass based on the ground.
The glass partition panels, in addition to physically separating an environment and guaranteeing the safety that everyone needs, allow easy adaptation in anticipation of future structural changes.
We offer customized solutions for reception desks, waiting rooms, bars, restaurants and shops of all kinds, with the possibility to coordinate the style of the glass with that of the office and the company.

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