Curved Glass Company


composizione_chiIndustrial Vetritalia Ltd.was founded in 2011 and It’s an italian Curved Glass Manufacturing Company.

It grew out of the collaboration between two glass companies, TF Glassware Ltd. and Vitemper Ltd, who were leaders in the sector for decades in the Pesaro region.

The company initially operated mainly as a subcontractor specialising in the secondary processing of glass (flat and curved tempered glass).

In 2013, immediately after Vitemper left the group, Vetritalia entered the refrigeration market. It soon became a flexible and dynamic curved glass manufacturing company in this sector, offering its services to highly innovative designers and manufacturers of industrial refrigeration glass.

Within in a few years, Vetritalia became a strong presence in Europe and abroad due to the professionalism of its skilled staff and the significant investments it made in equipment for glass tempering and lamination.

Since January 2016, following an incorporation by merger plan, Vetritalia has been part of  “TF Vetritalia Group Srl“.


Due to our flexibility and professionalism we are a point of reference on glass bending and tempering for many italian glass manufacturers in Central and Northern Italy.

For them, we create products in curved tempered glass for use in interior furnishings and as parts for ventilation hoods, stove and cooker doors, hobs and other products used in kitchen settings.

Our products are successfully used in various sectors, one of the main is the creation of curved glass for industrial refrigerated display cases, which are used as:

  • industrial refrigerator doors
  • display cases for supermarkets
  • showcases
  • ice cream display cases
  • self service industry

We also have large production of glasses tailored for shipbuilding, and all structural safety glass for interior decoration, such as stairs, floors, counter tops, partitions, armored glass.

Our products are also used in the bathroom sector as shower stalls, saunas and multi-functions boxes. They are also employed as internal architectural elements and external parts of stairs and balustrades. In this context, they assure safety by providing a secure grip (SGP) even when broken.


Some of our important clients.



We produce curved tempered glass for refrigerated display cabinets, ice cream shops and showcases for more of therefrigeration industry groups in Italy and Europe;



For the bathroom industry realize walls for shower and shower cabins mltifunzione

Floors and curved tempered glass for shower cabins equipped and walls and saunas.

For the shower specialists manufacture tailor each glass panel, flat or curved and tempered.


Curved tempered glass for stoves and furnishings.

Customized production of flat and curved glass for stoves, hoods and accessories.


Production of glass panels measure balustrades, interior furnishings and portholes.

In addition, we also cooperate with many other third-party glass makers. For them, we manufacture objects in curved tempered glass for use in interior furnishing such as parts for ventilation hoods and doors and/or wall partitions for offices and homes.

Due to our flexibility, we are a point of reference in glass bending and tempering for many glass makers in Central and Northern Italy.