Tempering Glass processing

Thermal Tempering

We specialize intempered glass cutting services offering perfect combination of Made in Italy quality standards and cost-effective solutions.

TFVetritalia is well-known as manufacturer of high-quality products made by a specific thermal process of glass tempering also called toughening.

In the process of thermal tempering, the furnace used for bending is heated to high temperatures (between approximately 650-750° C).

This makes the glass slab sufficiently viscous and able to adhere to the appropriate concave or convex mould. These moulds are internally manufactured and installed on the machine used for bending.

This machine and the bending phase are computer controlled.

The glass is positioned on the mould for bending. It is then transferred to the cooling station in order to keep the glass surface compressed and the inside in a state of tension.

The resulting glass is called “safety glass” because, in case of breakage, the people who are in the vicinity do not suffer any damage. This is the main reason of its wide usage in high-risk areas and it is in accordance with national and international regulations.

Applications of glass with toughened features include shipbuilding, entrance doors, shower, patio furniture, cooktops kitchens, building construction, commercial refrigeration and more… Toughened glass cutting is used in all the situations where heat, mechanical strength and safety are prime factors that should be taken into account.