Cutting and grinding

Cutting and shaping

TFVetritalia is one of authentic glass cutting companies with commitment to Made in Italy quality standards.

The company does linear or shaped cutting of glass in large sheets of 3210 x 6000 mm, using numerically controlled automatic cutting benches and air cushioning for sheet handling.

The cutting operation is managed by an optimization software that manages inventory availability and reduces production waste. Grinding is an operation aimed at eliminating sharp edges on glass.

The workable dimensions for this process are 2800 x 6000.

Service of glass fitting and cutting requires expert skills with many years of experience to bond the glass correctly (in a vehicle for instance). TFVetritalia is one of several glass cutting companies in Italy that offers tailored services.


Grinding can be performed to produce:

  • a round polished edge: the edge is rounded and polished giving the glass a high degree of finish;
  • a flat polished edge: the border of the polished edge is not highly finished but has greater roughness. This glass is used mainly when it will be hidden from view by a frame or window frame;
  • a 45° degree edge: the inclination can vary depending on the design needs;
  • profiled edge: the edges of the glass are ground to 10-40 mm in height and an angle of 5/7 mm with respect to the glass itself;
  • drilling: drilling is carried out using numerically controlled drills. The largest workable dimensions for this process are 2500 mm holes for a sheet length of 6000 mm. The types of holes diamond drills can make include cyclic, flared, eyelet and notched. The drills can also make other special movements and holes based on design needs. Holes are considered flared if they have different diameters.