Architectural glass

Tempered glass is used in building construction for all situations where high levels of active and passive safety are required, and where the glass is required to withstand thermal stress, while it is not suitable for use as a safety barrier to prevent falls.
Due to its properties (impact resistance and in explosions it smashes into small pieces which are not harmful) it is rated as safe.
Its robust nature makes it the perfect material for making non-structural architectural items such as: doors, screens, shower enclosures and cubicle doors, kitchen accessories and all kinds of home furnishings, as well as furnishings for shops and shopping centres, etc.


Among the trends that move the furniture sector, there is that of equipping the sheets with liquid crystal films suitable for creating particular effects on the glass or for displaying writings, images or videos.

It is a technology that has existed for some time but now cheaper, which exploits the ability of the nano-polymers of the film to opacify transparent surfaces through a simple switch, and which is able to guarantee privacy according to the wishes of the users, but also a certain isolation by shielding the light radiations and partly the acoustic waves.

Remarkable are also the applications in houses, for example in shower boxes and windows.

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