Bending Glass

Thermally Tempered Glass Bending

Our Company, thanks to a large experience in the field of glass processing, is specialized in Thermally Tempered Glass Bending.

Compared to untempered bending, where glass is subjected to a process of gradual heating and cooling,tempered bending is completed with instant cooling. This is done in order to obtain a more resistant product and eliminate the risk of breakage due to thermal shock.

The glass resulting of this processing is called “safety glass” and is in accordance with national and international regulations about safety.

All the machines used by the company for bending and tempering are of a press type. The glass comes in contact with a mould to obtain variable geometries. For all other types of curved geometries based on a radius, the glass comes in contact with rollers.

The maximum dimensions possible for bending based on a regular radius over 1000 mm are 2500 mm x 4500 mm.

Vetritalia combines years of craftsmanship experience with advanced technologies, and just thanks to this we are able to satisfy all the requests of our customers.

Our Company and all the staff will be pleased to help and suggest you thebest glass products for your projects or needs.

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