Architectural glass

Tempered glass is used in building construction for all situations where high levels of active and passive safety are required, and where the glass is required to withstand thermal stress, while it is not suitable for use as a safety barrier to prevent falls. Due to its properties (impact resistance and in explosions it smashes […]

Glass for shipbuilding

After taking the necessary measurements on board the ship we manufacture tempered and laminated glass panels for balustrades and for large or decorated interior furnishings. We supply tempered glass doors for shower cubicles inside individual cabins. For pleasure boats we offer tempered and screen printed glass for portholes and windows of significant size and thickness […]

Security glass for interior decoration

The company manufactures tempered and laminated glass for display counters in shop windows and offices, restaurants and hotels. Our products are also used to produce customized aquarium features. In addition, all manner of mirrors and shelves for private homes and public offices are produced from our glass. Our services include free technical surveys of the […]

Flat and curved glass for chilled display cabinets

CURVED GLASSES FOR GLASS REFRIGERATED CASES TFVetritalia curved glass are made fully customized, and are especially suited to the demands of commercial refrigeration. This fact is one of the areas where we are more present with our curved glass for refrigerated display cases and exhibitors. Starting from curved and plan glass for self-service restaurants, passing […]